Teeps Mobile App Development

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We Make Stellar Mobile Apps

Our Orlando-based agency designs and develops mobile apps that people want to use. We are experts in mobile design and user experience: creative thinkers, skilled builders, and problem solvers who know how to design software to meet business needs.

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When we started creating the app, we quickly realized it was taking a lot of time away from creating course content. We decided to bring on a local contractor, Teeps, to help us build the app quickly and bring our vision to life.

Jon Friskics, Content Producer at Code School

Our Collaborative Process

We are an Agile shop with a client-centric approach. That means the client is part of every step, driving the vision as we tailor a mobile app to meet specific business needs and creative goals. We believe in strong, regular communication and work with each client to fully develop their ideas into rock-solid and functional tools that people want to use.

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