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How Companies Are Successfully Switching Development Teams

07 August 2018 by Joshua Imel

There are many reasons you may be considering finding a new software development team. Lack of progress, buggy software, poor communication and missed timeli...

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Ashley Smith Joins Teeps as Chief Operating Officer

26 April 2018 by Joshua Imel

Announcing Ashley Smith as Teeps' new Chief Operating Officer We are excited to announce that Ashley Smith has joined the Teeps team as our Chief Operating O...

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Getting Started With Code Reviews

21 February 2018 by Chayel Heinsen

It’s time we talked about code reviews. Since code reviews have many perks outside of just development, this blog post is going to discuss them at a general ...

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Getting Started With Test Driven Development

19 January 2018 by Chayel Heinsen

Experienced development teams understand the importance of TDD or Test Driven Development. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, don't fret. Here we will ex...

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Dev Tools We Love Right Now

10 January 2018 by Casey Barth

Developers know how powerful the right tool for the job can be. Augmenting the development process with some tested and proven tools can directly translate i...

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TEEPS Moves Into New Downtown Orlando Headquarters

05 January 2018 by Joshua Imel

TEEPS recently completed the year long process of locating, designing and building out our brand new office space located in Downtown Orlando. Over the last ...

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5 Tips When Augmenting Your Development Team

03 January 2018 by Terrence Donnelly

Forward-thinking organizations are partnering with external development teams to help them innovate. This process allows them build products faster, focus on...

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Celebrating 5 Years of TEEPS - (Photos)

12 December 2017 by Joshua Imel

It’s hard to believe that it was five years ago when Terrence and I decided to start our company. TEEPS began as a simple idea between two friends. Our goal ...

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Hi Android, this is Kotlin!

16 June 2017 by Daniel Sprowls

Working at Teeps, I am surrounded by other mobile developers who mostly specialize in iOS. As an Android developer, I find friendly debates with my coworker...

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Getting Started with Stripe - Part 2

08 June 2017 by Casey Barth

In Getting Started with Stripe - Part 1, we saw how to properly set up your API routes which will be used by your application. In part 2, we explore how to i...

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Getting Started with Stripe - Part 1

05 June 2017 by Chayel Heinsen

Why Stripe? Stripe is an extremely powerful and easy to use tool for processing payments. Stripe handles pretty much everything for you; from a simple single...

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Get more out of Push Notifications.

18 May 2017 by Derek Bertubin

Hear My Voice (HMV) is a civic engagement platform that puts democracy back in the hands of the people. The premise of the application is to provide a platfo...

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User Retention: Should You Be Concerned?

01 May 2017 by Derek Bertubin

Imagine spending $50k - $150k or more on your mobile app business. You hammered out your business plan and business model and they are reliant on users conti...

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Lessons Learned Shifting to Agile Software Development

19 April 2017 by Terrence Donnelly

Let me start out by saying that implementing Agile ourselves was no easy task, but now our business is stronger and more efficient than it's ever been. Why A...

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5 Design Tools We Love Right Now

15 April 2017 by Sam Griffith

For the past few blogs we’ve been digging into particular topics, conversational interfaces and protocol-oriented networking in particular. Now it’s time to ...

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Conversational Interfaces at a Glance

14 April 2017 by Sam Griffith

What’s a conversational interface? Conversational interfaces are what science fiction and many companies see as the future of interaction between humans and ...

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Protocol-Oriented Networking in Swift

27 February 2017 by Chayel Heinsen

After developing a number of applications, we noticed that everyone's networking code was different. Every time maintenance developers had to take over a pro...

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Engaging Gen Z with your Mobile App

17 February 2017 by Sam Griffith

Generation Z is the first of the digital natives. Even the oldest of them were just nine years old when the first iPhone came out in 2007. Now Gen Z’s elders...

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Android and iOS: Why Different Platforms Need Different Designs

17 January 2017 by Sam Griffith

Smartphones have been on the market for long enough that major players have come and gone. Now, Android and iOS have established themselves as the major opti...

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Code has no legacy

11 January 2017 by Jeff Klarfeld

Code has no legacy. Legacy code is an inevitable affair. One might argue when exactly a codebase (or a portion of it) becomes legacy code, but it sure isn't ...

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Fixed Price Development Is Bad For Your App

10 December 2016 by Terrence Donnelly

During the journey of finding a company to build your mobile app, you've likely talked to several developers. The conversation of cost has undoubtedly come u...

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10 Things We Learned While Scaling Our Consultancy

27 January 2016 by Terrence Donnelly

So you’ve survived the gauntlet that is a consultancy for long enough to find this blog post. Congratulations. Perhaps you find yourself faced with a decisio...

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An Introduction to Model-View-Presenter

14 August 2015 by Daniel Sprowls

Model-view-presenter (MVP) is a software architectual pattern used in web, mobile, and other domains that incorporate UI. MVP aims to remove business logic f...

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Our Biggest Takeways From Apple's WWDC15

12 June 2015 by Joshua Imel

WWDC15 Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference has many people buzzing this time of the year. I’ve described it as being similar to Christmas Day where the l...

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The Benefits of Iterative Development

05 June 2015 by Jeremy Cohen

Agile, at a glance, can appear as quite an inefficient methodology. It features a lot of meetings and doesn’t focus on the rigorous initial planning that wou...

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Decision Fatigue and Your Mobile App

29 May 2015 by Joshua Imel

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives have amazing ideas. We can identify areas of improvement in our day-to-day lives, in different marketplaces, an...

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Coffee, Mobile Apps, and the Orlando Tech Community

08 May 2015 by Joshua Imel

If you’ve never been to a 1 Million Cups event, I strongly encourage you do locate a community near you. 1MC is a national program that brings entrepreneurs ...

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Reversify: Why it only took two words to build an App

11 April 2015 by Terrence Donnelly

Binter Weanie, Wuper Seird, Lair Chift... These are just a few of the possibilities with word reversing. Word reversing is something my friend Nick and I hav...

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Exposing Deception in Software Development - Who's really building your app?

03 April 2015 by Terrence Donnelly

Congratulations on making it this far. You have your entire business model laid out in front of you. Wireframes, financial projections... You may even have V...

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How to Architect your iOS App

27 March 2015 by James Smith

Novice iOS developers often fall into the trap of placing too much functionality in the AppDelegate. It’s convenient to add functionality there because it’s ...

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Dependency Injection and You

21 March 2015 by Daniel Sprowls

Dependency Injection is a term you may have heard come out of the mouth of the hipster-programmer in front of you in line at a popular chain coffee shop. The...

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How Our Hack Day Changed Fun Forever

06 March 2015 by Terrence Donnelly

"Through determination and perseverence and tech and smart people and a guy who knows some stuff about business, anything is possible." - Elon Musk (I think)...

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Teeps - Startercast Interview

28 February 2015 by Joshua Imel

Check out an interview we did a few weeks back with StarterCast - a student lead podcast that focuses on entrepreneusrpuip and upcoming businesses in Central...

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Designing a Loot System for your Mobile Game

21 February 2015 by Terrence Donnelly

Hello people of the internet. As you may know (or probably don't), we've been hard at work on an iOS game for a few months now. The above screen shot is not ...

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What MVP Means and Why You Should Care

13 February 2015 by Hayden Lanham

Here in the tech and startup world there is a term known as Minimum Viable Product. It is a concept that has changed the way projects, products and companies...

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Responding to Keyboard Events in Swift

07 February 2015 by James Smith

Let’s say you have a table view where you collect some basic information from the user. When the user selects one of the fields above, the keyboard appears a...

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Downloading and Caching Images in Android

30 January 2015 by Daniel Sprowls

When there are so many Android applications available to consumers, how can a developer make sure their application stands out from the rest of the crowd? On...

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5 Questions to Ask Before Building Your Mobile App

23 January 2015 by Joshua Imel

It’s safe to say that mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. These powerful tools have revolutionized entire industries and have insp...

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Function Composition in Swift

16 January 2015 by James Smith

Function Composition in Swift This post is an exploration of several functional programming concepts. We’ll use strings as our problem space, but we won’t co...

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Parse Email Exporter (Free Mac OS X App)

09 January 2015 by Terrence Donnelly

Download Link: Mac OS X 10.8+ Source Code: Git Repository So over the past 6 months or so, we've built quite a few projects on the Parse platform. We general...

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Learning Functional Programming in Swift

08 January 2015 by James Smith

I’ve been learning Swift ever since it was announced last year at WWDC. Even more recently I’ve been studying functional programming and learning how to appl...

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