Teeps - Startercast Interview

28 February 2015 by Joshua Imel

Check out an interview we did a few weeks back with StarterCast - a student lead podcast that focuses on entrepreneusrpuip and upcoming businesses in Central Florida. The StarterCast story is truly inspiring to us here at Teeps. The founders, Robert and Anthony, are students at the University of Central Florida who started their venture by connecting through Fabric, a mobile app that Teeps built for this very reason.

During my time as a Venture Consultant at the UCF Blackstone Launchpad, we collectively noticed the growing need to better connect students on campus in hopes to accelerate their business ventures. I would meet a student web designer looking for new projects and a week later meet with an early stage startup needing a website built for their venture. Teeps built Fabric to give back to the UCF entrepreneurial community and aimed to make these connections easier. StarterCast is just one example of a student business that assembled their team entirely from using Fabric.

Listen to the full interview here

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